Bart Turner is a metal and glass artist in Seattle, Washington. Originally from Texas, he studied art at the University of North Texas. After coming to Seattle in 1993, he apprenticed in a glass studio for several years (both artistic and architectural work) before starting his own business,  Flying Anvil Studio, in 1999. He now has accumulated 23 years experience in architectural glass and metal fabrication and over 19 years of experience as an artist blacksmith. He has worked extensively with designers, architects and home owners as well as collaborations with other local artists creating public artwork around the northwest. Bart is an active member of the Northwest blacksmith community, He has demonstrated for the Northwest Blacksmith Association, and also competed in two team blacksmith competitions, winning the 2011 Blacksmith Wars. Bart has also shown his artwork in several galleries in Northwest and in 2011 was a featured artist for the Pratt Fine Arts Exhibition “Gallery in the Garden”. 

 Bart Turner's work stands out because of the unusual way he combines iron and glass, two materials known for their opposite qualities. It was the relationship between the two materials that first attracted Bart to experiment with joining of these two different mediums. Taking the exploration beyond the traditional approach to joinery and thus emphasizing the intersections of the elements in his pieces has since become one of his trademarks.